All @RemoteAction calls are synchronous, so you cannot raise it above 10 seconds. Even if you could make the call asynchronously, you would only get 60 seconds, not 120. In order to use asynchronous functionality, your best bet may be to use a @future method (which must be void, mind) and then just do all post-processing in that Apex method. Solutions Session: Don't Let Your Revenue Team Call a Time Out Previous Next After weathering an extended "delay of game," revenue teams across the sports and entertainment industry must invent new ways to engage fans and keep moving forward.

Session timeout on ajax call

Sep 27, 2013 · I have a cf9 app that just has a few ajax calls. They are from a prev/next button and if a person just sits and presses the next button for 20 minutes they get timed-out because our 20 minute session timeout setting. What can I do to reset the cf session timeout when they click on the "next" button?... Mar 16, 2020 · This article is explaining about how to Access or Check Session Value in JavaScript and how to Access server side Session variable from JavaScript in ASP.NET using XMLHttpRequest, JQuery Ajax call and PageMethods. Tirthankar Bhadra, modified 7 Years ago. Session timeout reset on Ajax call. 2. Created a js in Theme to call on success of Ajax call. While this is working in CE it is failing in EE(6.0 SP2).Ajax calls don't renew session timeout on Tomc ... Unexpected end of JSON input from an ajax call @Singleton @Startup @PostConstruct method guarante When session times out, this call will fail, as the User object is stored in session. I created a custom authorize attribute in order to check if session was lost and redirect to the login page. This works fine for page requests, however it doesn't work for ajax requests, as you can't redirect from an ajax request

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Do you want the ajax calls to keep the session alive? If so, you could add EnableSession to your WebMethod. That way anytime that web service is called the session timeout timer is reset. [WebMethod(EnableSession = true)] public string GetNetWorkMessage() {} Select all Open in new window This tutorial explains how the timer services $timeout and $interval works in AngularJS, and how you can use them to schedule function calls. ASP.NET Session StateOverview. The article states that if we apply the following ReadOnly flag to any controller that is not changing Session variables we will be able to continue to make concurrent requests. As a request for the read-only session information does not result in an exclusive lock on the session data.
Aug 20, 2018 · Support javascript or AJAX refresh calls, without triggering a CORS violation after session token timeout When using AAD pre-authentication with Application proxy, users are first redirected to log in to AAD. timeout: The number of your session timeout (in seconds). The timeout value minus the countdown value determines how long until the dialog appears. When I click either button, to close the session, or continue, I get the following error: Microsoft JScript runtime error: cannot call methods on dialog...